The BALLOGRAF writing instruments may be imprinted through a silk screen process with text, a logo or the combination of both in one or a multiple of colors. Imprinting is best done on the smooth plastic surface.

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The imprinting of our writing instruments are made by the BALLOGRAF factory in Sweden – where they are made. Delivery is typically 4 weeks from order. Minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.

The following pens and pencils are silk screened on the plastic body: EPOCA and OPUS. The following pens and pencils are silk screened on the clip: RONDO, RONDO PLUS, OPUS, and OPUS II.

Pricing for imprinted pens include a set-up fee of $49.00. The imprinting cost per surface and per color varies depending on the quantity ordered. For text and/or logos with multiple colors, there is a minor cost for each color and each different imprinting.

When imprinting on the circular portion of the writing instruments, the cost is calculated as “one” surface although the printing could cover the entire round surface area as the process is done in one operation. When printing on the upper flat angled surface of the EPOCA or OPUS writing instrument, the cost per surface applies to each flat surface as a new installation is required each time. Artwork processing is performed by BALLOGRAF in Sweden.

Pricing of the BALLOGRAF writing instruments for imprinting has been set very attractively – it is not the same as the retail pricing shown on this web site. The different types and colors offered are shown on our retail pages and consist of the:


We can either deliver in bulk or in a nice gift box. Our various packing options are shown on the Swedish Ballograf website.

Further details of where to locate imprinted text or logos on the Ballograf pens can be viewed on the following pages:

For the epoca line of pens: Epoca Silkscreen PDF
For the Rondo line of pens: Rondo Silkscreen PDF
For the Opus line of pens: Opus Silkscreen PDF

Contact Nord Mark with your requirements and request a custom imprinting quote. We guarantee a long lasting publicity value with your imprint and a lifetime warranty on all our writing instruments. We are that sure that what we sell will be appreciated for a long time.

When you e-mail (or call 763 383-1118) for a quote, please specify the following information:

1. Type of pen, color of pen, and color of refill included with the pen (blue is standard).
2. Your logo or text if it requires multiple colors and what color(s) you need.
3. Where you want the print placed.
4. Quantity you will order and if you need gift box or bulk delivery.
5. Your name, address, and phone number.

Orders shall require a pre-payment of $100.00 at time of order placement. Once you are ready to place your order, please do that below:

$100.00    buy now image

Email the artwork or text to:

You will be notified via e-mail when the order is ready to ship to your address specified as part of the ordering process. Final payment can be done below. Please note which of the Buy Now customer boxes has been assigned to your account:

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Thank you for considering the best writing instruments available for your advertisement.