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The Epoca P is a Ballograf classic, designed in the early 60s and has become voraciously popular in Sweden and abroad. The pen is available in many colors, which enables you to personalize it to your preference. It is also the perfect gift and a collector’s item. The Epoca P is not only comfortable in the hand but also endlessly reliable. The design truly makes the ballpoint-pen a must have for everyone. We are also proud to provide lifelong warranty even on the pressure mechanism on the top.

We always include the Ballograf original medium refill in blue in every delivery, the ink is certified Swedish archive and writes 8,000 meters.

This pen has every prerequisite to follow you on your journey through life.

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Ballpoint Pen, Pencil, Pen and Pencil Set


Green, Heather Red, White, Olive Green, Lavender, Burgundy, Black, Red, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Lime Green, Navy Blue, Off White, Mint Green, Salmon Pink, Ruby Red, Khaki Green, Coral Red


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