Ballograf Rosinco Friendly Highlighters




The Ballograf Rosinco corporation makes an ECO-friendly series of markers. Traditional marker pens are wasteful and smell bad (from Xylene). The new Rosinco Friendly Markers have a barrel made from recycled paper and coated with natural wax before we apply the colorful paper sleeve. The ink is as green as the marker Rosinco image pen itself and contains either water or alcohol-free from chlorinated or aromatic solvents. View marker diagram

The Ballograf Rosinco Friendly Markers have a writing length of 1,200 meters /4,000 feet (bullet) or 600 meters/2,000 feet (chisel). The marker 4-packs contain one Black, Blue, Green, and Red marker each. The HighLighter 4-pack contains Yellow, Blue, Green, and Pink highlighters.


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