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Epoca Chrome is the exclusive variant of our beloved classic pen. The Ballograf Epoca Chrome is available in several colors all with the upper barrel in shiny chrome. Pens are normally never copyrighted, but the Epoca pen was able to be copyrighted as a pen with many unique features. The Epoca pen was also the pen tested by an Austrian Consumer magazine some years ago resulting in being awarded the best pen among 21 world famous brands costing up to 20 times the Ballograf Epoca. The Epoca Chrome pen (or pencil) has a smooth surface on one of the 8 upper barrel Chrome surfaces (opposite the clip) enables you to personalize it by having us engraving a name of up to 18 characters to make it your personal pen. There is an extra cost for this service. It is also the perfect gift and a collector’s item. The Epoca Chrome is not only comfortable in the hand but also endlessly reliable. The design truly makes the Epoca ballpoint-pen a must have for everyone. We are also proud to provide lifelong warranty on the pressure mechanism.

The Epoca pen include the Ballograf original medium refill in blue color, and the ink is certified Swedish archival (not washable or fading from sunlight) and writes 8,000 meters.

This pen has every prerequisite to follow you on your journey through life. Make it your own or a gift with a name engraved onto the pen.

As always, it delivers with the Ballograf original medium refill in blue. The ink is a certified Swedish archive and lasts 8,000 meters. The lifelong warranty also includes the pressing mechanism at the top.

Nib: Medium.

Ink color: Blue.

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White, Black, Red, Sky Blue, Yellow, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Pink, Heather Red, Olive Green, Lavender, Turquoise, Pink, Orange, Mint Green, Salmon, Khaki Green, Coral Red


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