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We offer several accessories for the Ballograf pens and pencils. The Ballograf Original blue and black refills have been certified archival in accordance with ISO 11798. This indicates that the ink is non-washable from fabric or paper or will not bleach from extended sun light exposure.

Ballograf Epoca pens require the Original Ballograf refills, Pocket pens require the pocket refills and the Rondo pens work best with a Ballograf Original refill, but can take other refills such as the EasyFlow offered here. The EasyFlow refill offers a rollerball ink cartridge for the Rondo style pens.

Also offered here are the Ballograph Erase Refills, these are 2 refill packs.

The Epoca pens will not accept the EasyFlow refill.

Original refills last up to 8,000 meters (25,000 feet).
Pocket refills last up to 3,000 meters (10,000 feet).
SCRIPTA XI – EasyFlow refills lasts up to 3,500 meters (11,000 feet).
Erase refill lasts up to 7,000 meters (23,000 feet).

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Fine, Medium, FreeFlow, Erase


Black, Blue, Red, Navy Blue, Neon Green, Bright Pink


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