Rondo Erase Ink Refill – 2 Packs


Rondo Ink Refill 2-Packs

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Here, you’ll get a 2-pack of ink refills.

This ink is heat sensitive and means that it disappears when heated. With the help of a special eraser on the pen, the paper and ink heat up when it is erased by the friction that occurs. The ink becomes invisible but can come back if the paper is cooled down by, for example, being placed in the freezer. The eraser is made of silicone, built into the top of the pen, and is strong – meaning it doesn’t go away when ink is erased. You can find the eraser refills here although we doubt you’ll need them.

If the ink runs out, the cartridge is replaced and the empty refill can be recycled as metal.

Tip: Medium
Ink Colour: Black, Navy Blue, Bright Pink, Neon Green

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Bright Pink, Neon Green, Navy Blue, Black


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