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Rondo Erase

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Rondo Erase is a new pen from the Swedish manufacturer Ballograf with erasable ink. The ink can be erased as many times as you like. The technology is based on friction and the eraser itself is indestructible. The pens are delivered with ink in the same color as the pen barrel. Rondo Erase has the same classic design and rubberized surface as the Rhondo. The clip can be favorably branded with engraving. In addition, a lifetime warranty is provided on the push mechanism.

The new RONDO ERASE offers a solid and robust pen with a soft rubberized surface to feel comfortable between your fingers. The pen is offered in 4 bright colors, and the ink matches the color of the pen. The ink comes in black, navy blue, neon green and bright pink with the pen color being the same. The eraser is built in to the top of the pen and is made from silicone. The eraser will not wear out like a pencil eraser. Also, BALLOGRAF has always offered a lifetime warranty on their click mechanism as they guarantee they can make the best and most reliable pens.

So how can a ballpoint pen now offer erasable ink? The ink developed for this pen is heat sensitive, and that means that when heated it disappear. So with the silicone eraser rubbing on the ink it heats up the ink so that it becomes invisible. The ink on the paper will re-appear if you put the paper you wrote on in the freezer. So now you can write a letter to someone, use a hair dryer to make the ink invisible, and then ask the recipient to put it in the freezer to be able to read what you wrote.

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Black, Navy Blue, Neon Green, Bright Pink


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